Finding what we love


Yesterday we arrived in Vancouver. Happy Canada Day! Slightly jet lagged, we were met by the lovely Minako & Dmitri who whisked us away to the comfort of their apartment in West Minister. It smells like trees here! Very different to the smog of Shanghai and the congestion of Tokyo. After a quick interview with the HooRag crew, we headed into the city & walked through the streets of down town Van to enjoy the festivities of the holiday. We cruised down to the beach and all along Stanley Park, then finished off with a stroll through the nature reserve.

Minnie-chan & Dmitri at Stanley Park Beach

Minnie-chan & Dmitri at Stanley Park Beach

Minnie-chan & Emma

Minnie-chan & Emma

Totally knackered, we headed back to their apartment for amazing home cooked delights and a well deserved rest.

Today, right now in fact, we are heading back into town via the sky train to collect the bike (still nameless) and do the mega shop at MEC to collect all our camping equipment. Finding what we love is indeed the theme of the day! We hope to be riding back to West Minster this afternoon. Fingers crossed that all goes to plan.

Watch this space!

Inspiration request; we are still  thinking up names for the beast. We are thinking 2 headed mythological creatures….any suggestions?

One response to “Finding what we love

  1. Has to be the Pushmi-Pullyu from the Dr Dolittle films. A two-headed llama (appropriately!) with one head at each end of her body. You can split the names between you: Brendan can yell Pullyu when he thinks you’re slacking, Emma and you can shout Pushmi. Good luck to you both.

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