The Hornit

Seriously Loud Cycle Horns


Honestly, I don’t know what we would do without our Hornit and I am surprised that not every cyclist has one. It’s simply awesome.

When you want to get noticed, one quick squeeze on the easy-to-press button and you have the attention of everyone within a 10metre radius. Honestly. Dogs, pedestrians, taxis, buses, trucks – they all stop what they are doing when they hear the Hornit. It has saved us too many times to mention on our trip, and in cities, it is an absolute necessity.

They say the batteries will last one year with standard usage, but I would suggest that our usage is well above standard and they are still emitting a reliable 40dcb’s a good 12months into our trip.

It saves us and  it give us a huge amount of street creed. Get one. You will love it.

The Hornit

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