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Ed & Brenda's BIG Adventure - COVERIt is with great pleasure that we announce the release of Emma’s first children’s book “Ed & Brenda’s Big Adventure”, the story of two kangaroos exploring the world on their tandem bicycle. You’ll never guess where the inspiration came from…. It is the first in a series of books that will see these bike riding roos explore the globe while covering themes of friendship, problem-solving and the power of dreams. Book one is about their travels in Australia and book two is already underway…..

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The book was launched in November 2019 with huge success. Thank you to everyone who was able to take part in the launch and for supporting the adventures of our kangaroo friends.

Every page is a unique work of art crafted by my incredibly talented cousin Fee Ainsworth and she has done a beautiful job bringing Ed & Brenda to life.

Our HUGE thanks go to the wonderful folk at Brolly Books for bringing the tales of Ed & Brenda into print, and of course to all of our friends and family for their support in making it happen. We are all so very happy to be able to share the adventures of Ed and Brenda with you all and can’t wait to hear what YOU think!

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