A Totally Asian tour!

It’s been a while between blogs but let me assure you, Bremma has been keeping busy. With multiple books on the boil, Falkor has been taking a well earned rest from the touring life, but we still get her out on the road in Melbourne with jaunts into the country side every few months. What can I say, a life without cycling aint no life for us. But of course, Australia has not been the only country we’ve been adventuring in and there’s been more on the adventure list than just cycling.

Indeed, it’s been an amazing few months for TotallyTandem.

After a full 9 months living in Melbourne, December 2017 saw us we take off again to Japan, enjoying the ski life in Niseko, in the Northern Island of Hokkaido. It was a bumper season with an accumulative total of 17 metres of snow. HUGE!

From Japan we headed to South Korea for the Paralympics in Pyeong Chang. What an inspiration that was! The message from the paralympians rang true with us “with a strong mind and a strong heart, you can achieve anything”. We felt so lucky to witness their incredible feats of strength and courage and loved the positive vibes of everyone involved.

From there we headed to Seoul and met with the students at Dulwich International school to share some inspiration from our TotallyTandem adventures.

2018 is an exciting year for us as we line up motivational talks with schools and corporate events.  A whole new exciting adventure!

Over the last week, we have visited Dulwich International School Seoul, Harrow International School Bangkok and Regents International School Pataya delivering 10 different presentations to a range of audiences. It’s been an incredible to be sharing our story to eager ears and we thank everyone who has supported us in getting this show on the road. Our plan for 2018 is to continue to share our presentations to promote adventurous lifestyle choices and methods of dealing with adversity. Perhaps your school or business would like a visit from TotallyTandem?

Thanks for sticking with us as we launch into what is already a very exciting 2018!

With our new kombi van and tandem kayak, adventure is always just moments away.

Stay outside the box guys!


4 responses to “A Totally Asian tour!

  1. So awesome to be reading your news. I would love to try and get you a speaking gig at my school. Will see what I can do! Looking forward to seeing you and hearing more. Lots of love to you my lovelies xxx

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