Gear Reviews

It’ all about space and weight. We spent years researching the gear we would need for this trip and found ourselves relying on the blogs of other cyclists for critical gear reviews. What you need will of course depend on the specifics of your journey. But it’s true to say for every cyclist that, unless you use it everyday, you won’t want to carry it for very long.

People often ask us about the gear that we couldn’t live without, but really, everything we have is a necessary part of our trip.

It’s best to buy quality stuff as the rigours of bike touring really take their toll on absolutely everything. No point saving a few dollars only to find yourself down the road with gear that needs replacing. And for the stuff that will unfortunately break, its awesome to have a warranty.

So we try to write reviews of the gear that we think will be helpful to other cyclists. A lot of our gear has surprised us and we want to share those experiences. We have been lucky enough to receive support for some of our gear, but the reviews we write are based solely on our experience. Even if it was sponsored to us, if we don’t like it, we will  tell you.

Under the ‘Gear Review’ menu on the home page, there is another drop-down menu that lists the items we have reviewed so far. We will keep updating this page, but if there is anything specific you would like to know in the mean time, get in touch with us here.

For a FULL LIST of all the gear we have, see our GEAR LIST page

Falkor, fully loaded





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