Other blogs we like

The world is a big ol place! And while many of our friends and family think we are the first people crazy enough to embark on a journey like this, we have much inspiration and kudos to send out to those other intrepid adventurers who have blazed many trails before us!

Check out their blogs too;

Sarah Outen – London2London via the World (an absolute inspiration, we were lucky enough to meet Sarah in Tokyo. Good luck with the mission girl!)

Emily Chappell – a Cycle Courier Takes on the World (a humbling inspirational women, we met Emily in Tokyo and hope to catch her again in Mexico 2013!)

Tired of I.T – we have gleaned much kit and tech knowledge from Dave’s site and hope to cycle into him one day!

Bike About – New Zealand to England by Bike

The Cycle Diaries – World Adventure Biking

Tandem Turners – New Zealand to England by tandem bike. We like their thinking.

Cycling about – two ozzies that are changing up two bikes for one.

Lycra Cowboy –  A very funny account of one Pomes take on solo cycling from Maine to San Diego 2013.

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