TotallyTandem; the Motivational Series

Happy middle of the year! Yes indeed 2018 is well and truly underway and Bremma is pretty happy with what is has brought so far.

After delivering 10 presentations in 7 days during our trip through Asia in March, we’re living back in Melbourne and have hit ground running. With almost 100 new followers to the blog, we’re excited to be back online and reaching out to those new to the site and to all of our supports around the world again. Thanks for being here!

In between writing the books, I’ve been working on a clip to promote the motivational presentation with the intention of delivering it in corporate and educational spaces. Have a look and let me know what you think, I’d love to hear your inspiration too!

Please do share it with anyone that might be interested. My goal is keep updating the video with each new talk that I do so that by the end of the year, it will be a much shinier and slicker clip. Next time you hear of an event at your work place, in your community, at your uni or at your kids school, think of us and give us a plug.  We love to get the good vibes out there and we’ve had really positive feedback from our talks.

I say ‘we’ but this talk is something I have pretty much been doing solo. While Brendo is of course a huge part of the story and we have done the talks together in the past, public speaking really is my jam. I simply love it! Standing in front of an audience is something I am really comfortable doing and it makes sense to develop this motivational series as part of my professional life. Through the Asian tour Brendo drove the IT side of the presentation and joined me on stage at question time, but as the project evolves, it’s becoming a mission that sees me largely in the drivers seat. Developing these talks is a fantastic ongoing project and while I am the one standing on the stage doing all the talking, it’s something we’re both really passionate about. Our plan is to deliver another series in Asia at the beginning of 2019, and perhaps incorporate it in with another bike tour…..

Did I tell you that Falkor is undergoing some pretty major surgery?

Bren in what looks like a 'kill room', spraying up Falkor in fashionable new black.

Bren in what looks like a ‘kill room’, spraying up Falkor in fashionable new black.

Replacing all of the running gear. Absolutely all of it!

Replacing all of the running gear. Absolutely all of it!

Looks a bit sad now, but hold onto yer hats!

Looks a bit sad now, but hold onto yer hats!

For those of you that followed the journey, you know all too well the many (many!) issues we had with our ever failing bike. So tormented by the constant break downs, we decided that the only way we could tour again would be to build a ‘super tandem’. So Bren got out his sketch pad and started to design the ‘unbreakable bike’.  One of the major components of the new bike of course is has to have indestructible wheels, with importance also on a frame that is easier to deconstruct and reassemble for ease of transport. After 100’s of different designs and emails to bike engineers, each new design began to look more and more like Falkor. As I watched the figures required to build this new bike soar well past the forecasted budget, Falkor sat leaning up against the house collecting cobwebs.

“Instead of reinventing the wheel, could we consider actually rebuilding Falkor? Give her super powers and make her everything we need?” It was a risky thing to suggest to Bren and much to my surprise, he has embraced this project with impressive gusto.

Watch this space for the developments on Falkor’s resurrection. It’s gonna be pretty special.

In the mean time, I get up at 5:30am every morning to spend a few hours writing the book before I go to work. It’s taking soooo much longer than I expected or wanted, but having never written anything long form before, I guess it’s to be expected. I’m about 3/4 of the way through and hope to have a decent version ready for an editor before we take off to Japan again in December.

There’s also the first kids book written with gorgeous illustrations by my talented cousin currently being finalised. It’s about 2 kangaroos ‘Ed & Brenda’ that have lots of different adventures on their tandem bike. I’m so excited about it and we’re hunting for publishers. I reckon we should have the first physical print run in time for Christmas. Won’t that be awesome! All those incredible new little people that have graced the earth with their fabulous spirits will soon have their own book to read at bedtime. Wahoo!

So stay tuned and please stay with us! There’s plenty of action on the TotallyTandem horizon. Big love to you all where ever you are. Keep making amazing things happen!


In our new 1976 kombi ‘Hugo’


2 responses to “TotallyTandem; the Motivational Series

  1. Dear Brendon & Emma!

    Hi, this is Moko from Taiko at BST. It’s so nice to receive your mail and know both you’ve been as great as you’re! I was so happy to see the video of your presentation and Emma’s speech to the students!

    The whole thing you post gives me much energy. You’re so great and wonderful to keep living your life.

    I’ll think of you very often at BST Taiko class. This is my 21st year of Taiko school. My motorcycling is still strong and made 10,000 km in the US last summer. Will ride in Europe this summer.

    Shelley is doing very good as well. She’ll go to Peru (Machu Pichu) this summer and we’ll meet in Galapagos after my riding in Europe.

    Sending you my big love!! Please take care!!

    Moko from Tokyo

  2. Hello,
    We are Pierre and Claudette, French Canadians from Quebec City. You inspired us so much that we became Pino riders as well.. Thanks.
    Eventually, it brought us to the Suntrip after upgrading the Pino with motor and Solar pannels. last year. Unfortunately te second day, we slipped on wet pavement and my stoker fractured her pelvis.
    Next June 18th, we are flying back to France to remake our Suntrip tour across the Alpes on our own.
    Our Blog:
    Facebook: pierre.julien.925
    Congrads and thanks for coming back on the road eventually!

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