Our philosophy

TT shibuya

Doing What You Love; nothing could be more important!

If you have a dream, why not bring it to life?

If you dare to wish, then why not dare to try?

If you imagine doing something amazing, don’t let people tell you it’s crazy. What IS crazy, is never allowing yourself the opportunity to give it your best shot

Find What You Love

TotallyTandem started out as a road trip to South America, but turned into a life changing project. Even after completing the bike trip we are still discovering so much about ourselves, our potential, the joy of giving to others,  the kick we get out of sharing inspiration, and uncovering a deeper respect for each other. Over 20 years together and we still teach each other so much. Life is always revealing new ways to grow.

Love is not static. Life is your freedom to make choices. Don’t wait a minute longer!

Come on-board with TotallyTandem and enjoy the risks we take in search for greatness.

Happy 19th Anniversary!

It’s definitely what makes the world go ’round!

18 responses to “Our philosophy

  1. I briefly chatted with you on the M.V. Coho en-route from Victoria, BC to Pt. Angeles, WA. Best wishes on your incredible journey.

  2. Thank you for sharing a small part of your adventure at my place. You are always welcome here should you make it back through again.

  3. Hi. Brendon and Emma
    your journey is really inspiring, support you.

    Zhang Qian ( the Chinese cyclist camped in bodega Dune state park)

    • Hi Zhang! Great to hear from yoU! Hope you made it home after your epic ride! It was excellent to meet you! We look forward to our paths crossing again and hearing about your next adventure. Cheers!, Emma & Brendon

  4. Met you at a way side stop in Pukara. Looked up your blog to read an amazing story. We walked the Inca trail and arrived in Melbourne on Tuesday. All the best to both of you. Hope that you located your knife.

    • Hi guys! Wow, thanks for getting in touch! Glad to hear you made the Inca Trail – how awesome is it! Keep Melbourne warm for us and hope to see you back there in a few months as we cycle from QLD to VIC. Cheers! Bremma

  5. Hey you guys. Excellent to have you stay in Port Mac with me. You are truely inspiring and just awesome people.It is so special to meet people like you.Luv ya. Broni

  6. Great site guys!
    Yours was one of the ones I gleaned from before we bought our Pino July of 2018.
    Many thanks!

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