She Totally arrived!


By Emma: It seems that things are Totally on track with our TotallyTandem plans, and with only with 8 sleeps until departure, it’s a great feeling! We got news from our friends at Cambie Cycles in Vancouver that our Hase Pino tandem has arrived and is awaiting assembly! Woohoo! On other organisational notes, my passport has arrived, my hair is growing shorter and our Tokyo possessions are at a liberating low. I think we might just be ready to roll…..

So many reasons to celebrate! We are thrilled to have met our Pozible target this week and are still in a state of shock over the TotallyAmazing support we received for the project. 111% funded and still with 13 days to go! Unbelievable. With this additional funding, we will be able to pedal longer, making all our goals clearer and closer to our reach. It’s an incredible feeling and we can’t thank you you all enough for supporting us like this. A few people have asked if they can still contribute to the project and the answer is; absolutely if you so wish. Contributions can be accepted right up until the project closes on July 5th.

We are also celebrating the awesome fund raising that has been supported through World Bicycle Relief, and we are already at almost 50% of our target. An amazing feat considering we haven’t even started the journey yet!

So our true cause for celebration is… We wanna thank you all for the many wonderful ways you support us. There are just not enough words to tell you how incredible it feels to know you believe in our adventure. From the bottom of our Bremma hearts; thank you all.

Bremma heart

2 responses to “She Totally arrived!

  1. Hi Nitna

    Have been reading about your preparations. Very exciting. Can’t believe you are really going to do it!

    Have you got video on your smart phone? You should document the trip in daily short video bursts using Vine (7secs) or Tout (15 secs) or Instagram now has video. You will get heaps of followers that way – great for fund raising. Sammo and Charlie are really into it.

    You could get a Totally Tandem video channel on YouTube. Google Ads could make it worthwhile and if something newsy happens you have footage and a video diary. Media is more interested in video than words these days and it would make a great series of grabs. (amazing actually) And when you become famous and have a documentary done you will have footage to draw from!

    Also at the risk of sounding like Mum/Mardy – I wanted to check that you have travel insurance. Please don’t risk being not medically covered on such an adventure. If there’s any kind of issue you will bankrupt us all. Which is not half as bad as you leaving me with mum to deal with during the drama!! 🙂 and how mental would she be? Seriously.

    Enough of the big sister lectures. Love you heaps. Be safe.

    Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx K

    Kylie Davis Network Editor, Real Estate News Ltd

    0422 360 816

    Funky spelling courtesy of my iPad

  2. At a time like this I cannot help but thtink of the song “I’m so excited” by the Pointer Sisters.

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