All aboard!

What's inside our panniers

What’s inside our panniers

By Emma: What a TotallyHectic few days it has been! Arriving in Van on Monday, we have not stopped gathering! We have almost all of our gear now, with just a few small extra bits to locate along the way, and have found a place for everything in the panniers. What a mission! We have spent the last 2 days test riding the beast and are seriously loving ourselves sick. She is such a sweet sweet ride! I have sore cheeks from constant smiling and can’t imagine ever not loving this gig. Although when I relayed that sentiment to Bren, he suggested I may not feel the same cycling uphill into a head wind in the rain. Hmm……

Bren hooked up the Hornit yesterday and I have a callous growing on my trigger finger from constant buzzing. It’s an amazing little piece of kit and we recommend that all cyclists get one.  The packet says you will get 12 months use out of the batteries with an average buzzing of 6 times a day. Well, at this rate, our batteries won’t last very long at all, but a small consolation I feel for such a huge announcement of our arrival. Stand-by for some footage of us getting Seriously Loud with our TotallyTandem Hornit.

Speaking of batteries, we have has a major casualty with our universal battery charger exploding last night. Bit of a worry. We hope that all the batteries involved in the incident have survived but are yet to be able to test them. We are in the process of purchasing a newer model and having it sent ahead to our mates house in Victoria. Fingers crossed that all works oot!

Bremma in GearTown

Bremma in GearTown

We met with the lovely Melina of Richmond Physio yesterday who hooked us up with some Rocktape to keep the injures at bay. We had a good lesson from her on strapping techniques and feel certain that we can care for any pesky knee issues with this very funky strapping tape. Mega thanks to Stevie Stahl for connecting us with Rocktape and arranging our Vancouver rendezvous.

We leave our wonderful hosts Minnie-chan & Dmitri today as we cycle out of Vancouver & onto Squamish. Although we are not cycling the entire way and are being met by Clyde, and will stay with him and his lovely wife Chii overnight before we head to Whistler on Friday for a weekend testing out the camping gear with another mate, Bec.

Good times with good mates! Loving it so far!

Stay tuned!

Loving you all





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