Totally Random!

Look what we found at Yoyogi Park! All locked up, sitting by itself, a Hase Pino that looks to have done some serious miles! Awesome! We took a close inspection at the running gear and made some comparisons to the shiny new brute we have on order. This bike is a serious veteran. It even has mudguards made from PET bottles, we like their style!

With over 20 badges stuck to the back of the seat, each one featuring a friendly face, we knew we just had to find a way to meets its drivers! But what to do? Aside from camping out by their bike (and possibly seeming quite freakish when the owners returned to find us there) we realised the only way to track these tandemers down would have to be old skool; we would leave them a note!

So after digging up an old receipt to write on and asking around for a pen (did you know that NO ONE carries around pen & paper any more!) we scribbled a note about our TotallyTandem plans and wedged it under the captains seat.

We have to know who these people are? Where have they been? And where are they going?

Two days later I saw that there was a bold unread item in my junk. I dived in and found a reply from Pauline & Cedric, tandemers from France who are indeed currently travelling through Japan!  We can’t read their French blog  but we have enjoyed looking at their photos and working out where they have been. And tonight, we meet them in Shibuya! Cannot wait!

Stay tuned to hear how our tandem meeting goes! And if you can read French (or would like to just see their pics) check them out here;


Photo-0202Pauline & Cedric's bike with Em

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