Everything is Pozible!

Updated Tuesday 18th June

Wow Wow Wow! We made it! everything really IS Pozible!

To all the people who have leapt in and pledged their support – thankyou! You guys all Totally made us reach our Pozible goal! You are all TotallyIncredible! Bremma is completely stoked! Dumbfounded and seriously overwhelmed by the awesome support we have received from you all! It’s just TotallyAwesome! You have helped us to cover the cost of 1/3 of our bike! TotallyUnreal!

Thank you all so much for believing in us and being so super generous in your support. We are so lucky to have you in our lives and sharing our dreams with us. Huge love and respect from us!

Bremma at Team TotallyTandem xxx

pozible_1We have created a TotallyTandem project page on www.pozible.com.

Pozible is an ‘all or nothing’ crowd-funding platform and community for creative projects and ideas.  Developed for all creative-minded people to help make great things possible! You make a pitch for your project,  set a goal of how much you want to raise and try to generate interest through your social networks to help to achieve your goal.

It’s a way to raise funds through selling tangible and intangible rewards. For our Pozible project, we are trying to raise $3,000 to cover 1/3 of the cost of our TotallyTandem start-up costs. We have a time limit of 59 days to try to achieve our goal & would love you to visit our Pozible page and help spread the word to your friends, family and any strangers and sponsors you can convince to have a look. Supporters simply register and help fund the project!

So jump on and have a look. You can make a $10 pledge or more. If we don’t reach our overall target of $3,000, then you never have to part with your cash. It’s simple. And you can jump on the site any time to track how our project is going!

Jump on now and take a peek!


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