Talking Adventure


By Emma; What an excellent time Bren and I had a The British School in Tokyo last week! We were very lucky to be invited to speak to the entire primary school about our TotallyTandem Adventure. On Thursday, we introduced our plans together at the Showa school to about 150 students in years 4-6 , and on Friday I went solo to Shibuya and explained to about 300(?) students about adventure and the need to ‘do what you love’. It was a real thrill to get up there in front of so many eager faces (not to mention all the grinning teachers) and share our plans. There is something crazy about getting up in front of people to try to share your inspiration; we found that we received more inspiration than we felt we gave! Thanks for all the love everyone!

I’ll be honest. We were a bit nervous at first.Most people won’t believe that I get nervous, but it’s true! I can comfortably morph into my various characters (on-stage and off, much to the amusement of many) but this new role of ‘brave adventurer’ is one that I had not really confronted before. And I must say, it may still take me a while to get accustomed to. Brendon, on the other hand, is totally comfortable with the role of ‘brave adventurer’ of course, but having to get up and address a large group in public is a new role for him. Confronting and challenging for us both, but  mostly  a heck of a lotta fun! Brendon learned that the level of enthusiasm I function at on a normal day, is nothing compared to what happened when I am with the kids at school! I think that made him even more nervous! That and the fact that I publicly announced that he is the bravest  most inspirational person I know. I thought that would give him courage, but apparently it just added to his nerves! Sorry Babe! The truth can freak us all out at times!

With a powerpoint animating the TotallyTandem project in the background, we talked about our ‘planned’ route , what started this crazy idea, where our inspiration grows from and, of course, World Bicycle Relief and our fund-raising goals. It was really amazing how intently everyone listened, although I think the students at Showa were in a bit of shock! It was the first time they learned that I will be leaving Japan (in 10 weeks), the first time they had seen me as ‘Emma’ and not Miss Davis, and the first time a lot of them had met Brendon. And let’s face it, its easy to stare!

But their responses were excellent and filled us with joy and motivation. Here is just some of the questions we were asked;

“So, if it will take a year or more, will you have your birthday in a tent?”

“If it takes more than a year and you have Christmas in a tent, how will you get presents?”

“Where will you shower?”

“What will you eat”

“Will you ever stay at a hotel?”

And some insightful comments that gave us plenty to think about;

“I went camping once and didn’t like it cause the ground was hard”

“I have a pink bike”

“I have a green tent too!”

And my favourite;

“I have some pocket money and you can have it all for the charity”

We are so grateful for the opportunity to share our story with the BST community and look forward to talking again next week to the secondary school.HUGE thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement!

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