A huge 140dB welcome to The Hornit!


We have never be known to make a quiet entrance but now more than ever, such sneaky arrivals are impossible! TotallyTandem is very excited to announce that we will be riding around with the one and only seriously loud bike horn; The Hornit. Packed with 140dB, this little beauty will announce our arrival to pedestrians, cars, trucks, buses and pretty much anyone operating in our vicinity. The Hornit does what it says, and it seriously is one very loud little gem. We know we will feel safer just having The Hornit ready to blast to our defence.

Check it out in action here;

Hornit pic

And because the fine folk at The Hornit want to share the love and keep us all safe, they are offering a 20% discount when you visit their website and use this promo code: totallytandem.

Check out their website www.thehornit.com

Huge thanks go out to the seriously cool Hornit crew! We are stoked to have you on-board the TotallyTandem mission!

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