A video of our 1st day in Mexico

Sometimes, we try to record off the top off our heads and capture a bit of our days riding for you guys. That’s what we did last week when we crossed the border into Mexico. So here is mine (Em’s) first attempt at solo video editing. It’s brief and there is no soundtrack, but it captures our mood well I think. Check out how our facial expressions from the start to the end.  Here is the vid!

And we have been thinking of making a new video inspired by “el día de los muertos”/the day of the dead. We have been looking for some costumes to ride in and make the video more fun, and we found these little beauties

If a  picture says 1000 words, what is a video worth?

If a picture says 1000 words, what is a video worth?

What do you reckon about a video made of us riding through the Baja desert in these? For every $50 that we raise for World Bicycle Relief from 27th October, we will film, edit and produce 1 minute of video of TotallyTandem in action in our Mexican Wrestling masks.

So if you wanna see it, make your donation today! You can contribute ANY amount you like by entering it in manually in the AMOUNT section in the OTHER box. Click here to see what I mean WBR.

And a MIGHTY HUGE thanks to the contributions that came in for my birthday. Stoked that we could celebrate my birthday by sending some bikes to rural Africa!  You guys rock!

Now how about those masks………

Wanna get involved in some TotallyTandem shinnanigans for a good cause?

Wanna get involved in some TotallyTandem shenanigans for a good cause?

Today we ride off into the desert for 250km, so it will be a while between wifis. We are keen to see what you all think when we get back online…

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