3 responses to “The Avenue Of The Giants – A TotallyTandem Movie

  1. You guys are hooting, looks amazing… Must have been when you left your pimping pad!!

    Enjoy the forest, see you down the road


    • Hi bella! Glad you enjoyed the vid! It took us 5 hours to edit. We are slow pokes! This was our trip well before the burn – early August. Its takes us ages to find time and motivation to make these vids! Hope you made the trip home easily. Missing you already! Still laughing over the Sam’s karate moves on the RV. Brilliant.
      Lovings, Bremma

  2. Good job ! I love your video ! 5 hours, gosh. You’ll improve, as you did for packing in the morning ; )
    Such a good time in these Redwoods. 69 !!

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