Happy New Year!

2013! Here we come!

Happy Happys everyone! There has not been much visible action on the TotallyTandem blog, but let me assure you, Bremma has been plugging away, finicking with the finicky bits and researching like crazy.

We have got our logo up and running! Yay! You like? Through our wonderful friend network, an excellent man named Khafie Rahman created this logo for us from his creative desk in Doha! Thanks Khafie! And a huge thanks to Rohan Bridge and Steph Chung for connecting us to make this happen. You guys rock!

I am wrapping my head around solving some menu problems with the site. I reckon I am pretty close to getting it the way we want. We want it to be user-friendly and pretty too, of course, so once these little bits are sorted, there will be a huge smashing of friends to get on board and follow the TotallyTandem site.

Bren and I have talked intensely about reaching out for some personal sponsorship to help with our start-up costs. So I am eager to get the site fully functional so we can contact those companies whose excellent gear we will need to contribute to our success.

Our charity is chosen. We will be raising awareness and funds for an amazing collective called World Bicycle Relief. Check out their site to learn more about the excellent work they do.

I am working on getting the link up and running so that donating through us will be as easy as…riding a bike!

So off I go, to solve some issues and make the TotallyTandem site fabulous!


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